Budgeting personal finances


Cash management, saving, investing, retirement planning, spending, setting financial goals, etc. what do all these terms have in common? Of course, they are about financial planning, and financial planning of an individual. Financial experts agree that today more than ever before, much more money is circulating in the economy, but somehow it seems that knowledge and awareness about personal finances do not work in step with that trend (Maura Fogarty, 2012). Of course the more we are educated about finances, the better we can plan them. People who have a financial plan, are more inclined to save, feel better about their progress and make more appropriate, ie more calculated financial decisions. Also, those who are in different positions, both in terms of life and the level of in their careers, they need to look at the accounts of personal balances collectively, in real time, to monitor and analyze their costs in order to be able to realize the set financial plans. The budget is one of the tools that can help in writing the goals, as well as an overview of how to achieve them. A well-designed budget can serve as a guide for achieving our desires and needs. The purpose of this paper is to bring the meaning of personal financial management, planning and budgeting, as ways to achieve our current and future goals. The future cannot be predicted, but it can be planned!

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