Meet the team!

Professor Borche Trenovski

Stefan Solev

Young researcher

Anastasija Milkovska

Young researcher

Marjan Nikoloski

Young researcher

Martin Kostovski

Young researcher

Toshe Stoilov

Young researcher

Riste Kostovski

Young researcher

Igor Mitevski

Technical support

Kristijan Kozheski

Assistant researcher

Gjunter Merdzan

Assistant researcher


Our goal is to enable all young minds to channel their ideas, thoughts and suggestions, which translated into articles, research and analysis will develop their critical thinking and contribute to the creation of educated youth who loudly emphasize their current opinions about the topics in the field of economics and has a strong influence on the creation of future economic concepts and policies.


Our vision is to grow into a renowned platform for networking, promoting and educating young economists in the country and the region, which will be a symbol of the young Macedonian intellectual elite, the driver of economic flows in tomorrow's society.

Our story

The idea for Young Economic Minds was born in the benches of the Faculty of Economics - Skopje, UKIM, where the debate articulated the need to create an opportunity for young economists to share their papers, reflections and research in order to build a network of young researchers who will help create successful economic policies and encourage economic development in the country. The idea soon grew into an initiative by several students and Professor Borce Trenovski Ph.D, and the challenge of creating the Young Economic Minds (YEM) web portal was accepted.

YEM is actually a platform through which young economists get the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas, which translated into scientific articles, analysis and research will be shared with the public. This would help them develop and channel their critical thinking, begin to engage in economic scientific circles, and be involved in designing future economic change. In addition, YEM is committed to increasing the economic and financial literacy of young people as well as bringing together complex and complex economic variables and phenomena to all young people.

With the motto CAPITALIZE ON KNOWLEDGE we want to help all young minds, quickly and easily, by sharing ideas, information, publications to come to knowledge that will be especially important for starting a career, applying the acquired knowledge and initiating change in order to create a better society for all.