Deposit insurance fund


The stability of the banking system is ensured on two levels: 1) with basic, and 2) with additional protection.
Basic protection is provided by the Central Bank, and is carried out through structural and prudent regulation. Under the structural regulation, the conditions for entry and exit of institutions from the banking system are prescribed, which protects the banking system from speculative capital. The prudent regulation set the standards for compliance with banking activities as well as the supervisory standards for risk in banking operations.

A system of ensuring deposits within the banks and saving houses provides additional support for the stability of the banking system. There are a few definitions for the deposit insurance system. According to one, the protection offered by this system guarantees that the deposit, in part or in whole, will be returned to its owners. According to another, this system is a formal, but limited framework which provides a legally sound guarantee for the deposit, and sometimes even the interest. These systems are the last line of defense for deposits, as they are activated only when a bank or saving house declares bankruptcy.

фонд за осигурување на депозити


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