Proposed national strategy to raise the wages in Macedonia


One of the most dire issues Macedonia faces today, is the low standard of living in the country. In the past, the main reason for this was the extremely high unemployment rate, but, more recently, the problem is probably largely the result of low wages. In this regard, Macedonia is almost at the bottom, not only in the Balkans, but even in the entire Europe. The reasons for this are objective and complex. There is no way for the government to fix this problem over night, or by waiting for the market to resolve the issue itself in the long run. What is needed is a long-term, fact-based strategy which will guide all economic subjects in the country. What is needed is economic planning. Hence the need for this attempt of ours to inspire the institutions in power to actively engage in this pursuit, which you can find below.

Зголемување на плати - економско планирање


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